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Inappropriate users allowed to stay on this site?

Posted by MaddyKenyon - 12 days ago

I recently got an extremely inappropriate and rude comment on my work and noticed the user has been on this site for years while saying some things even worse to other artists. Is this seriously tolerated on this site? If so, I guess it's time to leave lmao >_>



Which piece of work was it? Who left the comment? What did it say?
Update me here. https://doctorstrongbad.newgrounds.com

There are a couple of narcissists running around on NG. Just block, report, and move on. Don't leave because some numpty needs to stroke their ego at your expense.

Here is the guidleines about reviews if you are interested. https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/review-guidelines

I understand there are folks like this all over the internet, but this person's been on this site for many years writing things that are not in the guidelines. Either people are not reporting them or they're not being removed for one reason or another. I've already had some "reviews" (if they can be called that) on my work here that were not constructive, but I let those slide. I just want to share my art. I guess I'll just look into if it's possible to post work without comments because I don't care to read stuff like that lol.

That sucks. People can be really cruel sometimes. Even in a sea of positive comments, the mean ones always just seems to grab the most attention, you know?

Hope you can get that dude reported, blow off some steam, and keep doing cool stuff!

@MaddyKenyon that would be a mistake. You can't grow without feedback (even if it's shitty). Just block and move on.

I already have a professional artist job and create for myself in my free time. I'm not against feedback, but if someone isn't requesting feedback, it's not appropriate to give it (no matter how much they may need it)

Rude users are going to hell for this, I'm dead serious!

I got a really bad comment on one of my pieces too and nothing got done about it. Blocked/reported/all that jazz, and that's all one could really do. There's gonna be some bad eggs, and I do like that the block system works so well on here, but yeah, it can be a bit disheartening sometimes. :P

An art professional who cares what some rando on Newgrounds.com has to say??

It can be shitty to see some comment explaining how you messed up in some way or could be the ultimate modeler or whatever if you JUST DID IT THEIR WAY, but at the end of the day that person's points only matter if you care.

"I guess I'll just look into if it's possible to post work without comments because I don't care to read stuff like that lol." it sounds like you would like to be on twitter! Which you already are on and are doing much better on it seems.

This isn't Twitter or Art Station for sure and seeing the time you've dedicated to those places it's understandable why Newgrounds seems diffrent. There was a time this place was known for it's rougher qualities and even those rougher corners are sanded down more and more each day to make room for talented people like you. However this is a weird indie art/internet community online not showroom for displaying works to possible clientele where they can see comments like:
"Ilovethat ???? MAMAPERFECTMAMA???" - GIANTITSMAMA May 4, 2023 Zero stars

Whether you stay or leave just know that it is what you make of it.

Hope that person who gave you unsolicited advice gets hit by a train. Hope you find the perfect temperature of soup. Hope Newgrounds takes off the 5 star system and replaces it with a Heart/Funny emoji reaction and a hidden dislike bar. kk bye

They didn't give any feedback, they said something that was just totally uncalled for and not any sort of critique no matter how you look at it. And not like the comment you gave an example of, but something that's rather uncomfortable. I'm just hoping this person will be removed since they've been doing it for years it seems, that's all :P

just block them dude

Letting a few bullies run you off a website is rather cowardly, in all honesty.

Not worried about that, just want folks to be responsible for their actions. If the site is cool with people that go too far, then yea it's probably not my place to be XD

Yeah just block thier ass. Internet people can be annoying sometimes


Then leave. If you don't like a freer space for expression, whatever that is, then go back to where the grass is evidently so much greener. And probably far more profitable.

Freedom of speech, review, critique, and posting ridiculous drooling over bewbs and trolling is something that isn't really present on most of the internet anymore.

Block, report, move on. Maybe I'm just a dinosaur, screaming at the asteroid inbound to obliterate my garrulous ass, but I've found such freedom has a charm all its own.

I wish you the best, truly, in your endeavors. May you find a place more suitable to your tastes.

Your art is cool, please don't leave.

Just block them, just know this site ain't like twitter with the 'cancelling' shite. People like that suck but you just have to live with it unless it violates guidelines on NG.

I'd say block them report if their behavior is that egregious. Sounds like that user is a troll and making this post is just giving them the attention they want.

I will be real with you Maddy, I've seen my fair share of things, and yes, its quite strange that these "individuals" happen to be old timers of the site... The best recommendation I can give to ya is just to block them, or report them.

Remember, this is a small site, and those kind of people are just a handful bunch, if you start blocking them right now I'll ensure that by the end of the year you'll had blocked them all.

Report is always an option if someone is being extremely rude.

Anyways, I would hate seeing good talent leaving this site, so reconsider.
Don't let a small vocal minority influence you :).

According to the Review Guidelines, you can't make personal attacks, you can't spam nonsense, you can't "harass the author to upload specific content.", or complain about it being stolen or winning awards.

I don't see anything here about "being inappropriate and rude". Maybe it counts as a personal attack, IDK. That probably explains it.

I'm assuming all the offending "reviews" have since been removed by the time I found out about this, so I guess I'll have to take your word. Other than that, I think these Guidelines might need a new revision to better address situations like this.

I always laugh so hard when I encounter the ever-popular situation of: "Oh no, some nobody with an anime pfp disliked my work, guess I gotta quit."

It so out of pocket for me to think this is such a common occurrence and so many people just give up at the first sign of opposition. It's like people never saw the concept of perseverance.

Fundamentally, you shouldn't expect that your career as an artist, no matter how famous or successful, will be a walk in the park. ESPECIALLY in place like Newgrounds with a user review system, where people can rate you poorly out of spite; happened to me loads of times. So don't quit because of that. It will make you stronger on the long run.

Don't leave, you're one of the many people who has made a lotta progress on this site